Contract Manufacturing & Packing
Our core expertise lies in providing our customers with flexible contract packing and manufacturing solutions.
With years of experience in the field, our team is well placed to help you drive your innovation agenda.
Renovation Centre
Our multi-purpose facilities and teams offer an array of flexible logistics solutions to customers.
Projects Unit
We can work with you to develop a medium to long term contract manufacturing and packing solution while you focus on taking your product to the market.

Primary Packing

Our facilities are designed to provide you with optimal efficiencies on your liquid and dry product filling requirements. Read More

Secondary Packing

Secondary Packaging involves using the packing of products that have already been through the primary packing process. Read More

Blending & Packing

Our facilities allow us to blend an array of dry and liquid products that can be easily moved into our primary packing facility. Read More

Business Units

Our business units consist of a Powders Plant, Multi-purpose blending and sachet packing plant, Renovation Centre and Projects Unit. Read More

Are you looking for someone that can pack your product into one of the following:

-Stand up pouches
-Pre-formed bags

Our facilities are designed to provide you with optimal efficiencies on your liquid and dry product filling requirements. We are able to work with your finished product or provide blending facilities. The nature and consistency of the product will determine the ideal filling method and efficiency.

Our core filling capacity for dry and liquid products include the following:

-Vertical & Horizontal Form Fill & Seal

Our extensive experience in the field and our integrated service offering with packaging and raw material suppliers ensures that we are able to provide you with the freshest, smartest and cost-effective packaging solution ranging all the way from raw material sourcing, packaging design and filling of the final product. 


Pouches are most commonly used for dry products in the foods, personal and home care markets. Pouches provide you with the flexibility to use a variety of ingredients and are excellent for mass distribution or promotions. They also ensure a longer shelf life for food products and take up less space on the store shelves.

We have capability to fill the following pouches:

-Horizontal pouches
-Vertical pouches with a seal
-Pillow pouches
-Pre-made pouches
-Stand-up pouches


Containers are used in most cases where the product requires a longer shelf life. Our facilities allow us to fill a variety of containers in terms of size and structure.

Vertical & Horiztonal Form, Fill & Seal

These types of packaging are designed to fill dry products at high speeds and efficiencies. There are multiple options in terms of the type product and the size of packaging that can be filled using our machines.

This packaging option is extremely efficient in terms of integrating with the secondary packing in order to create a unified, cost effective solution.