Contract Manufacturing & Packing
Our core expertise lies in providing our customers with flexible contract packing and manufacturing solutions.
With years of experience in the field, our team is well placed to help you drive your innovation agenda.
Renovation Centre
Our multi-purpose facilities and teams offer an array of flexible logistics solutions to customers.
Projects Unit
We can work with you to develop a medium to long term contract manufacturing and packing solution while you focus on taking your product to the market.

Sachet Manufacturers (Pty) Ltd (“Sachet”) is a 100% blacked owned private entity that commenced operations in 1990 to provide third party contract packing and manufacturing services to Unilever South Africa. Sachet is part of the SIMS Group which has diversified multinational interests in gas, fuel, manufacturing and property in South Africa.

The business started with a single plant focusing on the packing of sachets for the home and personal care categories. It soon grew to include dry and wet foods manufacturing and packing with significant investments in capital equipment and technology to service a broader range of multinational customers. This included improving the quality and standards framework to develop a strong brand which included meeting HACCP, SABS and other relevant accreditation standards.

During the late 1990’s, the business set up a personal care manufacturing facility that provided contract packing facilities for a diverse range of products including haircare, skincare, petroleum jelly and other related products to the leading brands in South Africa.


Our Vision

To establish ourselves as the preferred contract packer of Home & Personal Care products in Africa.

Our Mission

To deliver a wide range of contract packing services, based on optimising flexibility and responsiveness whilst eliminating waste and driving down costs. 

Sachet took a decision in 2004 to focus on growing the homecare and sachet businesses and therefore divested from its personal care contract packing facility during this time. The business also sold off its wet foods plant 3 years ago. The homecare expansion included the acquisition and development of a non-enzymatic washing powder packing plant which included 4 packing lines in 2009 with a packing capacity of 40 000 tonnes per annum.

Sachet also continued to expand its core business of packing sachets and, through innovative technological investments, training and upskilling of staff, is currently one of the leading sachet packing businesses in South Africa.

Through its partnerships with international brands and multinationals based in South Africa, Sachet developed a state of the art renovation centre which provided rework services on manufactured products that required adjustments in terms of packaging, labelling, shrinking and repacking.

Sachet’s biggest milestone began in 2012 when in entered into discussions with Unilever South Africa to develop the first third party enzymatic compliant powders packing facility in South Africa. Working closely with the Unilever design team, Sachet’s technical team developed an automated enzymatic powders packing facility which was commissioned and commenced production in January 2015. With an initial estimated packing capacity of 25 000 tonnes per annum, the Sachet production and engineering team worked hard to streamline the process and implement efficiencies which transitioned into an upgraded packing capacity of 40 000 tonnes per annum within 12 months of commissioning. This is a 24/7 packing facility which includes a modernized enzymatic testing laboratory.